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It's never been done before! "2000 Band Names" - available as paperback or for kindle/computer - see the first 84 band names free here:

"Black Island":  Amid the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine, three young adults feel whispers from foreboding Black Island - to visit. What they find defies logic and changes their lives forever.

So... I messed up... In my first novel, Black Island, I wrote a couple scenes where an evil character had brief "rape thoughts" about the gorgeous heroine, Kara. It came to my attention that a friend of mine was so put off by these thoughts, she couldn't continue the book---a book she had been enjoying. It made me wonder how many other people might feel the same way. So... At that point, I had 2 weeks until my interview aired on The Nite Show. I decided I had time to remove the rape thoughts from the book before anyone else buys it on Amazon. While doing so, I also noticed that I've become a better writer since, and have made a few more changes. Sorry to anyone who has read the now-previous-version of the book and was turned off by that.

Maine-based action novel series "Black Island" - available as paperback or for kindle/computer - see the first few chapters free here:

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The novel Black Island II is done and awaiting a cover. The novel Adventures with George - about a time-travelling Babe Ruth and also set in Maine - will be out soon.


The following are from The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, seen in the full state of Maine on Saturday nights, and The Underground Show:

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