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It's never been done before! "2000 Band Names" - a musician-oriented comedy novelty book full of funny wordplay. Available as paperback or for kindle/computer - see the first 84 band names free here:



"Black Island" :  Amid the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine, three young adults feel whispers from foreboding Black Island. What they find defies logic and changes their lives forever. A sci-fi adventure set in today's world, pitting ancient forces of good against ancient forces of evil, blended into a drama of love, pride, and jealousy.

Available as paperback or for Kindle/computer - see the first few chapters free here:




"Black Island 2" :  Amid the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine, a huge secret is kept by a small band of chosen islanders, whose lives are forever changed as they try to understand the majestic powers they inherited to battle that which cannot be seen.

Available as paperback or for Kindle/computer:

"Black Island 3" will be available soon.




Red Sox Report - for every game of the season:


I'm a writer (& more) for "The Nite Show with Danny Cashman." Out of all the famous guests we've had so far, my 2nd favorite is Michael Winslow from Police Academy.  He came up with some really funny band names of his own.

My favorite so far is Ed Asner, who implored I sit on his lap and do a ventriloquist dummy bit. Only a couple seconds of video exist, as I'm seen extricating myself from Ed's lap while doing quick impressions of Ted and Georgette from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Kara Dioguardi wasn't impressed that I wrote an American Idol Report back in the day.

Patrick Dempsey is a kind person.    




ALL-NEW BAND NAMES & unused monologue jokes for The Nite Show:

Clips & things from my films, dubs, radio show on WMDI/WNSX, etc:  <span style=">Clips & things from my films, dubs, radio show on WMDI/WNSX, etc:



I'd love to hear from you directly:

My novel Adventures with George - about a time-travelling Babe Ruth and also set in Maine, will be out soon.



The following are from The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, seen in the full state of Maine on Saturday nights, and The Underground Show:

A few videos for your watching & judging enjoyment:

I'm a signed composer in Manhattan with music on network TV. The following is an odd piece of music I never got onto TV, but made $25 of it from some dude in Hawaii. The visuals are from something I filmed in the 80's called Skeleton On Patrol. The music here is named "4th Dimension Party." -